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The history and development of THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK
up  to 2012

Information about and distribution of Danish video art

In 1968 Torben Soeborg established video workshop/HASLEV - the very first video workshop in Denmark - in connection with Haslev College of Education, Haslev, Denmark. The workshop served the college but also organised video courses for groups of people outside the college. The workshop gradually became involved in video art, running courses for artists and organised in 1982 the very first Danish Video Art Symposium in Copenhagen.

anim_katalog.gif (3570 bytes) In 1984 video workshop/HASLEV  published
                "Katalog over dansk videokunst / Catalogue of Danish Video Art"
with support from the Danish Ministry of Culture.

As a follow up the workshop established THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK as a non-profit agncy for promotion and distribution of Danish video art outside Denmark.

The DATA BANK has distributed Compilations of Danish Independent Video Art for screenings in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Columbia, DDR, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, USSR and Yugoslavia.




In 1996 video workshop/HASLEV and the DATA BANK were separated and the DATA BANK continued its work as an independent non-profit agency. From around the same time the DATA BANK started to publish a website - a GLOBAL CALENDAR - with information about video and media festivals, exhibitions, screenings and related activities all over the world. This website contained information about more than 4.000 activities.

March 1, 2006 the DATA BANK had to close this GLOBAL CALENDAR because of lack of resources to keep it updated.

As partner in the European project "les Cent Lieux (The 100 Places) THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK tried to arrange regular screenings of Danish and foreign video art in Denmark, for example through a project called "Video of the Month". By now "les Cent Lieux" project has stopped.

In the spring 2000 the DATA BANK became partner of EDMN /European Digital Media Network, which does not exist anymore.

At the end of 2004 the DATA BANK stopped its distribution activity but continued its information acitivy through the web site Archives of Independent Danish Video Art

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Archives of Independent Danish Video Art

The old printed version of "Katalog over dansk videokunst /Catalogue of Danish Video Art" from 1984 is now both outdated and out of print.

To replace this THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK created an online virtual
Archives of Independent Danish Video Art

The web site collected information of independent Danish video art works and Danish artists working with video. By independent means that these artists are not associated with a commercial gallery. In this respect   the Archives was non-inclusive concerning Danish artists working with video art.

At the web site you could get information about Danish artists working with video and  information about their video art works ("List of Artists"), usually with a short video trailer. You could also get information based on the titles of the video art works (List of Titles). We pubished this information free of charges for the Danish artists.

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Video Art Preservation

The DATA BANK has also been concerned about restoration and preservation of the old video art works and created a website about this: Immaterial Variable Media Art / Video Art Preservation: Studies and Suggestions - [Preservation]

These studies and suggesstions were carried out and put forward between 2002 and 2004, and the
website was compiled between 2002 and 2004.

In agreement with THE NETHERLANDS MEDIA ART INSTITUTE - Montevideo/TimeBased Art the updating of the website was stopped by November 2004.

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst /Montevideo/TimeBasedArts is taken over by LIMA -

Lars Movin:
Historical importance
of video workshop/HASLEV and
(click for info)

Torben Søborg:
Some personal remarks on how it startet and developed
- and about networking across Europe
(click for info)

Newsletters: 1979-2005: Video Monitor - Dansk Video Tidsskrift - monitor - VIDEO ART\e-monitor

By Febuary 2005 the DATA BANK stopped publihsing the newsletter VIDEO ART\e-monitor. The idea with a newsletter started when we had to stop publishing Dansk Video Tidsskrft / DVT [the Danish Video Magazine] - a joint venture between video workshop/HASLEV and the Danish Film Institute Video Workshop in Haderslev

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Both workshops had at the same time in 1979 got the idea to publish a magazine about video and after the first two numbers we joined the efforts in DVT.

videeo-monitor.jpg (12210 bytes)

Our first two separate numbers was a very low-budget project called Video Monitor. So, when we for economical reasons had to stop DVT in 1984, our workshop (with THE DANISH VIDEO ART WORKSHOP now a part of the WORKSHOP) took up the low-budget idea and started an "information sheet" newsletter called monitor. We pulished 49 numbers with irregular intervals between 1985/86 amd Marchh 2001.

monitor.jpg (25243 bytes)

The time was becoming more and more electronical/digital/internet. the DATA BANK had already a web site with worldwide information about video festivals and in February 2000 we decided also to publishe an electronic email newsletter. We called this newsletter VIDEO ART\e-monitor and in March 2001 we decided to stop the "oldfashioned" printet version monitor and only publish VIDEO ART\e-monitor.

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With the special February number of VIDEO ART\e-monitor 30 [February 8, 2005] we had published 30 numbers between February 2000 and February 2005.

From then on the newsletter werel be replaced/superseded by the newsletter Monitoring Media Art Preservation, published four times a year by THE NETHERLANDS MEDIA ART INSTITUTE - Montevideo/TimeBasedArt.

An era was over. It started with Video Monitor and after the DVT it went on with monitor and then with VIDEO ART\e-monitor but the name "monitor" stays somehow alive in the new Monitoring Media Art Preservation as -  to quote from the Dutch newsletter - "... a tribute to Torben Søborgs Video Art e-monitor"






Distribution of independent Danish video art

THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK has stopped its distribution of compilations af independent Danish video art to festivals and arrangements outside Denmark and refer festival organisers and others to contact the artists directly -   (The BANK has never distributed inside Denmark)

RIGHTS: All legal rights/copyrights are by the artists . The video clips in the ARCHIVES must not be copied, reproduced or used in any way!  The video stills may only be used if the source is quoted!

DISCLAIMER 1: The Danish Video Art Data Bank was a non-profit and non-commercial agency run exclusively by volunteers with limited resources. The Data Bank could not be responsible for the results of  use or misuse of the data provided.

Since many artists DID NOT inform the Data Bank / Archives of changes in web-adress, e mail or adress The Danish Video Art Data Bank can't garantee that the information about this is still correct!

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