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Produced 1986
Duration: 3:24 min.
Master Format: Low Band U-matic
Credits: Music: Ole Hyldgaard
All other credits: Torben Soeborg
Production: Video Factory, Haslev, Denmark
Produced at video workshop/HASLEV, Haslev, Denmark

Five o'clock tea. but you never catch a glimpse of the fairy ... she keeps her distance.
André Breton is there, 18 months old, but the fairy? Is she there or not there? It is the hour of traces. Traces of the fairy or ...?
The clown is dancing on the tea plate ... drinking tea and - or - catching birds.
... traces of a distant fairy!?
(The title is inspired by two surrealistic art works: The painting "Distance de Fée" by Yoshiko and "Le Boule suspendue ou l'Heur des Traces" by Giacommetti)

1 min. video clip
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