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     Video Art / Media Art Preservation:  Studies and Suggestions
                     THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK


Paik’s TV Garden as a case study for reflections

 You can find the reflections of the Guggenheim Museum on all 8 case studies at the website of Guggenheim ( ). Since it is the preservation and conservation of video that has the interest of THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK I will concentrate on the reflections on Paik’s video installation “TV Garden” (playing the artist’s “Global Groove” tape). I take the liberty to quote more or less directly from the website:

 “Vulnerable aspects of this work include its reproducible source medium (video); its duplicable display mechanism (monitors), and its site-variability of the installation.”

 The people at Guggenheim  find that preservation issues to explore in this case include:

 “Video source:

 Video equipment:

 The reflections continue with some considerations concerning the installation itself because it has been shown in different ways (that is: site specific, with more than one channel, etc.).