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     Video Art / Media Art Preservation:  Studies and Suggestions
                     THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK


LINKS: Additional links to the links embedded in the texts and/or notes to the texts:

Richard Rinehart: Preserving the rhizome ArtBase:

Richard Rinehart: The Straw that Broke the Museum's Back? collecting and Preserving digital Media Art Works for the Next Century:

Montevideo - Preservation:

Experimental Television Center Video History Project:

National Film Preservation Board - Television/Video Preservation Study:

Archiving the Avant Garde: Documenting and Preserving Variable Media Art:

Project CIAO -Conceptual & Intermedia Arts Online:

CoOL Conservation OnLine - ressources for Conservastion Professionals - links to relevant web sites:

CoOL Video Preservation - links to relevant web sites:

Electronic Media Group - Links to related sites:

Electronic Media Resources on the Web. Discussion groups, publications and special projects:

404 Object Not Found: What remains of media art? Project and congress concerning the production and preservation of media arts (with emphasize on installative works of media art / software and net based art):

ISAN International Agency, 26, rue de Saint-Jean, CH-1203 Geneva, Switzerland:


Sally Jo Fifer et al (edit): PLAYBACK. A Preservation Primer for Video, Bay Area Video Coalition, CA, USA, ISBN 0--9662317-2-4

Alain Depocas, Jon Ippolito & Caitlin Jones (edit): Permanence Through Change: The Variable Media Approach / La permanence par le changement: L'approche des médias variables, Guggenheim Museum Publications, NY, USA & La fondation Daniel Langlois pour l'art, la science et la technologie, Montreal, Canada, 2003, ISBN 0-99684693-2-9

Gaby Wijers, Evert Rodrigo, Ramon Coelho (edit): De houdbaarheid van videokunst. The sustainability of video art, Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst, Amsterdam, 2003, ISBN 90-807675-1-4