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”Video Preservation: Glossary of Terms”

Do each of us know what the other talks about when we discuss video tape preservation and restoration? When someone for example use the term “cinching” and another one talk about “flagging” or “curvature error”  and do you know what the “vinegar syndrome” is?

To overcome this problem and to assist the BAVC Video preservation Round Table Working Working Group in 1995-1996 Rebecca Bachman from Stanford University developed a ”Glossary of Terms” which you can download from  .

Rebecca Bachman  stress that the glossary “should be considered a working document” and she expresses the hope that the glossary “can help take us a step towards the implementation of a system of centralised information which utilises the terms that describe what we see (or don’t see) when viewing a tape on our video monitor”,

… and this lead us to the next passage: the question of a common strategy.