Video Installation: THE ECHO OF THE SEA IN THE BURNING FOREST, Version 2

2003, SHIFT - une manifestation vidéo européenne sur l'agglomération annécienne 9 ans d'imagespassages
et de partenariat local et international 9 oeuvres - 9 artistes - 9 structures artistiques européennes
imagespassages, Annecy, France


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Inspired by a quotation - "The echo of the sea in the burning forest" - from André Breton "Le Manifest du Surrealism" , 1924

Requirements for the installation:
- 8 Euro Pals (ca. 88 x 68 x 17 cm each)
- 1 old window frame with not too clean glass
- 2 VHS players with auto repeat
- 1 27' video monitor
- cable for connecting one player with 27' monitor
- 5 7'-10' video monitors, embedded in the pals
- cables/distributing box for connecting the other player with the 5 small monitors
- 8-10 wooden stems/poles between 175 andd 250 cm long
- 8 fluorescent tubes (for example. Philips TLD 36W / 829) with fittings and cables
- cables and distribuion boxes for connection tubes, monitors and players with electric outlet
- thin metal wire to mount the tubes between the poles
- L-shaped irons for fixing poles and window to the pals
- 1 180 min. VHS-tape with sea waves for big monitor
- 1 180 min. VHS-tape with fire for the 5 small monitors

Space specific requirements:
The space for exhibition of the installation must be big enough so you can both view the installation from some distance
and also walk around the installation to see it from different viewpoints.
There must only be windows at one side of the installation. If too bright sunshine the windows must be blended with light white material.
There can be general artificial light in the exhibition room but no spots directly on or close to the installation.
There must not be other sounds in the exhibition room than the sound from the installation.

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