Bird Suite - printing of the REDBIRD print

Lithograph printed using lithographic stones
Printed at grafisk vaerksted \ NAESTVED - Print Studio for Artists
Groennegades Kasserne Cultural Center, Naestved, Denmark -
Printed 1999 by Torben Soeborg with help from the workshop master printer Jan Kiowsky


bird-5.jpg (74358 bytes)bird-1.jpg (66193 bytes)
  Left: Stone for red colour                           Right: Stones for both colours

bird-2.jpg (75183 bytes)  bird-3.jpg (69397 bytes)   bird-4.jpg (100592 bytes)
   The printing process

bird-6.jpg (103250 bytes)   bird-7.jpg (112666 bytes)
  Left: Prints in the drying rag                         Right: The finished four different birds in the Bird Suite

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