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Surway / Overview of Independent Danish Video Art from 1979 to 2005/6

The video art works in Archives of independent Danish Video Art are distributed or for sale by

  • NB.: From October 2004 THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK  has stopped distribution

In 1984 video workshop/HASLEV  published
"Katalog over dansk videokunst / Catalogue of Danish Video Art"
with support from the Danish Ministry of Culture. The printed version is now both outdated and out of print.

To replace this THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK created this online virtual Archives of Independent Danish Video Art

The web site collected information of independent Danish video art works and Danish artists working with video. By independent means that these artists are not associated with a commercial gallery. In this respect  the Archives is non-inclusive concerning Danish artists working with video art between 1979 and around 2005

At the web site you can get information about Danish artists working with video and  information about their video art works ("List of artists"), usually with a short video trailer. You can also get information based on the titles of the video art works ("List of titles"). This information was publisshed free of charges for the Danish artists.

PLEASE NOTE: The website has not been updated since 2004-2005

2012: PACE takes over
In 2012 THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK / Torben Soeborg donated the Archives of Independet Danish Video Art and all video tapes and other materials related to the Bank & Archives to Copenhagen University, Institute of Art & Culture / profesor Slavko Kachuko, to be part of PACE / Processual Arts Center of Excellence at the University Institute.

In 2019 professor Slavko Kachuko stopped at Copenhaen University and Institute of Art & Culture did not want to use thedonation and PACE

Re: EU's GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation:
When THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK created the web archive all the Danish artists accepted to have their videos and personal info published at the web archive - and these  acceptances were also transferred to PACE.

Rights: All legal rights/copyrights are by the artists.  The video stills may only be used if the source is quoted!

DISCLAIMER 1: The Danish Video Art Data Bank was a non-profit and non-commercial agency run exclusively by volunteers with limited resources. The Data Bank could not be responsible for the results of  use or misuse of the data provided.

DISCLAIMER 2: Since many artists DID NOT inform the Data Bank / Archives of changes in web-adress, e mail or adress The Danish Video Art Data Bank can't garantee that the information about this is still correct!

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