Video Installation: A SONG IN THE BROOK

1988: Galleri Balderskilde, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Video documentation of the installation

Requirements for the installation:
Three 27" monitors + three to five 14" monitors
Tree video cassette players with auto-repeat function
Two video signal distributors
One black-painted wooden rack with 7 fluorescent tubes
Two white-painted monitor stands
Three 3-hours tapes: One with brook and electronic music + one with torrent, electronic prepared and sound of running water + one with drifting clouds
NB: The arrangement can be adapted to the existing space/room

The video installation is inspired by Pierre Reverdy's remark about "bringing together two realities" to create "emotive power and poetic reality" ("Nord-Sud", March 1918) and a surreal interpretation of two s´entences from André Breton: "Le Manifest du Surrealism", 1924:
    "A song is running in the brook" (Pierre Reverdy)
    "On the bridge the dew with the cat-head was rocking" (André Breton)

NB: The installation "A song in the Brook" is a further adaptation of the installation "The Song in the Brook" from 1987

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