Video Installation: WAVE MOTION

1985: "Ny Abstraktion", Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
1990: Eymaros Art space, Athens, Greece

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      Video documentation of the installation "Wave Motion" at Charlottenborg in 1985

At least 8 video monitors connected two and two to at least 4 video casette players with auto-repeat function.
At least 4 video tapes.
The monitors are placed close together on a curved line on the floor, tilting the screen a little forward.
In front of the monitors silver plastic foil covered with bits of broken window glass.

Tape structure:
Each tape made from three sequences: 1. waves, 2. camera pans over the waves up against the sun and back, 3. waves. The sequences are repeated and each tape edited to start a bit later than the others. Electronic music.

The visual image of the monitors changes slowly, starting from the right and all the way down the raw of monitors from the blue pictures of waves to the waves in backlight with "golden" parks of sunlight and then from the right to the left slowly back again to the blue waves - reflecting the monitor pictures in the broken glass..
In accordance with the gradualy visual/color changes various emotion-charged levels arise which together with the color tints and the soft music endow the motive with a peculiar surrealistic mood. Turns the attention away from the object/motive itself and towards the spectators experience of it. The significance is not any longer in the content of the piece but in the comprehension/feelings/sensuality it provokes

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