Version 1:Kunst 2000 i Vestsjaelland, Knabstrup Kulturfabrik,
Danmark, 2000
Version 3: Open Film Town / Open Screen, Cinéma Nova bioscoop, Brussels,
Belgium, October, 2000

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Above: Version 1

Requirements for installation, Version 1:
1 17" video monitor
1 VHS video player with auto repeat
2 black platforms
1 blue wooden rack
1 wooden chair
5-7 Ikea Fluorescent tubes

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Above: Version 3

Requirements for installation, Version 3:
1 17" - 28" video monitor
1 VHS player with auto repeat
1 black monitor stand
1 strong light source mounted above the monitor making a circle of light
        around the monitor stand on the floor (no other light in room)

Tape structure:
A face of a man coming close to or away from the video camera, in focus and out of focus.
Music: Electronic music by Ole Hyldgaard.
Recitation: A few lines from Allan Ginsburg's poem: "The Change: Kyoto-Tokyo Express" (July 18, 1963).
Thee tape is an edited version of the tape I Am That I Am - tape 13

A surreal interpretation of the text: "And the Sun the Sun the Sun my visible father making my body visible through my eyes!"

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