Video Installation: NATURE MORTE

1983: Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark

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Requirements for installation:
At least seven monitors, two VCR with auto repeat, two video amplifies, at least four headphones, one sound distribution amplifier, monitor stands, monitor supports, industrial junk etc.
At least three monitors are placed vertical on monitor stands and at least four monitors placed on the floor on supports tilting them back more than 45 degrees. Junk surrounds the monitors. At least four headphones hanging down in front of the installation.

Tape Structure:
Two Tapes. Tape 1 to be shown on the vertical monitors: Treetops waving in the wind, street sound and industrial noise. tape 2 to be shown on the floor monitors: Running water (brook) and "sweet music" (Chopin) to be heard via the headphones. Each tape 30 min. to be repeated "endless".
Tapes produced 1983
All credits: Torben Soeborg
Production: Video Factory, Haslev, Denmark
Produced at
video workshop/HASLEV, Haslev, Denmark

A play with the word "Nature Morte" meaning an arrangement of objects (to be painted)
or directly translated: dead nature - the destruction of nature in our industrial world, where we may end up with only having the nature preserved on video.

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