Video Performance: FELT CA. 2 KVADRATMETER

1982: performance at the pedestrian street, Umeaa, Sweden

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Requirements for performance:
A square, size around 2 square meters, is marked with white tape on a pedestrian street. A video tape showing only feeds of people crossing the marked square is recorded (30 min.).
At the time of the performance the marked square is roped off so people can't cross it. A monitor, connected to a concealed video cassette player, is placed on one side of the barrier, a video camera on the opposite side, apparently connected to the monitor and apparently showing instant pictures of the roped off and empty square on the monitor. But the monitor shows the tape with people working through the square.

A play on the tension between the apparently
real and the apparently surreal: The apparently real, direct video recording of the roped off square, the apparently just as real images of the apparently real, direct video recording showing on the monitor - and the apparently surreal: the monitor images showing people walking though the square although the real fact is that it is not possible to do this at the time of the apparently real video performance.
Every passer-by might experience this performance different. At the best a process is going on - perhaps only a short wondering, a sort of "ah-ha experience" around the illusion, the play between the real and the surreal.
At the performance in Umeaa many onlookers were disorientated and
demanded to get the "meaning" of the video performance. To this you could answer by quoting Hans Richter about his film "Dadascope".
"Whether or not they understood the content of the meaning ... that's a different story. As a matter of fact, what the artist does and what the public takes from what he does is a different story. It all might be interpreted in a different way in fifty years".

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