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William Louis Soerensen


Duration: 7 min.
Produced: 1983
Master Format: U-matic
Credits: William Louis soerensen & Anders Haouch (co-producer)

Text by the artist: ONE: The camera is placed in a car in such a way that it is able to pan through both side windows, left and right. The car, of course, overtakes another car or is overtaken by another car. During every overtaking the camera is focussing on the driver of the other car. The two soundtracks are recorded from two small microphones placed in the left ear of the driver of the camera-car, and the other   in the right ear of the camera man.
TWO: The camera is placed in the window of a train thus able to pan 150 degrees freely. The camera chooses an object or state of ... in the forward direction of travelling and keeps this state or object in focus by panning as long as possilbe during the forward movement of the train. The sound consists of a one stringed amplified homogeneous tone, that varies for everytake.
GENERAL FUNCTION: To give a secondary priority to the picture as a background
of intensity for an above priority of sounding

? (the artist is deceased)

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