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Vibeke Vogel


Duration: 4:10 min.
Produced: 1985
Master Format: ?
Credits: Vibeke Vogel, Lars Vinding & Finn Noergaard
Production: DFI Video Woekshop, Haderslev, Denmark

Text by the artist:
Inspired by a strip-tease performance. Attempts to describe how eroticism relates to the repetitiveness of shows. A good stripper creates an erotic atmosphere in the audience by being erotic herself. But how can she do this "on command"? Eroticism isn't related to time or place, as opposed to the phenomenon of repetition. In "Hooked" we see a woman isolated from the surroundings, being aimlessly seductive - every picture is sensual, but lacks development

Distribution & sale:
The artist - try det Danske Filminstitut,


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