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Vibeke Vogel


Duration: 9:00 min.
Produced: 1988
Master Format: ?
Credits: Cam: Erik Norsker; music: Kai Bojsen-Moeller & Jesper Siberg; lightning & edit: Henrik Ipsen; design: Kristian Vang Rasmussen; other credits: Vibeke Vogel
Production: DFI Video Woekshop, Haderslev, Denmark

Text by the artist:
"Complexity. water, sea. The turbulent storms and squalls of perception, inner, outer. How am I to delimit them?" Michel Serres on complexity. In art, impulse is the catagory capable of grasping complexity. Those sudden, brief insights, seeming to jump out of nowhere. Impulses are the raw materials. Understanding comes later, is the result

Distribution & sale:
The artist - try det Danske Filminstitut,

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