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Ulrik Al Brask Frants Pandal


Duration: 8:30 min.
Produced: 1988
Master Format:
Credits: Music: Frants Pandal & Jan Petersen; all other credits: Ulrik Al Brask
Production: Trekanten Video, Copenhagen, Denmark

In this fast moving and overblown scratch-video the true account of the Story of Mankind is told in the space of 505 seconds. In a barrage of pictures, as if from a Stalin organ, real "scissor and glue" collages are mixed with scratch-video collages of TV commercials, old newsreels, trick and computer animation: cut precisely to the pulse of the original musical score, the screen explodes in an absolutely insane and incoherent depiction of the devolution of Mankind

Distribution: DFI/The Danish Film Institute,

On sale: DFI/The Danish Film Institute

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