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Tine Louise Kortermand


Duration: Each between 0:30-1:00 min..
Produced: 1999
Master Format:
All credits: Tine Louise Kortermand
Production: Tine Louise Kortermand

Text: The vignettes was one of more investigations under the concept MOP - Many On-going Projects. The investigations got it's final form in the video project WOMAN.

Tine Louise Kortermand
H.C.Andersensgade 94,, Dk-5000 Odense C, Denmark, +45-6614.4689, ,

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Videovignette 1: Do you believe that the woman can forgove the man and do you believe that the man can forgive the woman?

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Videovignette 2: You have always ... not understood me

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Videovignette 3: Was she a whore? Did she had it coming? Was there a limit that she should fear to cross?

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Videovignette 4: Excuse me! It is not because I'm beeing impolite, but is it possible that You could move a bit ... You are sstanding on my hair

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