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SEARCH Video Magazine is published by  SEARCH,
Editors: Sophus Ejler Jepsen & Daniel Salomon
Copyright: SEARC & the artists

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sparkle-1.jpg (5045 bytes) Katarina Kvarnsj÷: THE SPARKLE OF YOUTH, Malmoe, Sweden
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espen-3.jpg (3985 bytes) Espen brandt-Moeller - WITHOUT TITEL C, Copenhagen, Denmark
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harzenum.jpg (3503 bytes) Molly Haslund & Thomas Bexh Frandsen: Clip from the exhibition HARZ╔N▄M,
Copenhagen, Denmark
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kitchen.jpg (3683 bytes) Maria Wandel: ON THE KITCHENTABEL, Valby, Denmark
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broken-heart-5.jpg (3412 bytes) Tine Kortermand Hansen: BROKEN HART, Odensen, Denmark
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collie.jpg (4650 bytes) Anders Ottosen & Danny L. Wisborn: COLLIE, Malmoe & Tylinge, Sweden
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