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Niels Lomholt


Duration: 6:10 min.
Produced: 1992
Credits: Computer animation: Kristoffer Mendel; actors: Lene Aagaard, Andrew Nygaard, Kehelwa Sifuniso; all other credits: Neils Lomholt
Production: Det Danske Videovaerksted, Haderslev, Denmark

Text by artist:
Hamlet's Ophelia or ...? She danced around an armchair counting the afternoon erections. She did it with a coloured boy. White boy waiting.
She - and laughing. And she drowns

The artist

On sale:
The artist: Niels Lomholt, Bromaj 3, DK-5985 Soeby, Denmark, +45-

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(2 min. video clip / Windows Media Player)

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