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Niels Lomholt


Duration: 23:00 min.
Produced: 1998
All credits: Niels Lomholt
Production: Niels Lomholt, Soeby, DenmarkS

Text by artist:
Intermission 65-75 is a series of 8mm film cutouts. Recorded in 1965-75 with the focus on political and
social activities away from  aesthetic forms, the eyes were directed toward evidence of political and
social significant signs in everyday images, with a minimum of interference from artist and director.
These offcuts have been edited with sounds from the same period, sounds that have stayed on in this
director’s collection, vague and diffuse layers of personal and public history in a new aesthetic form.

The artist

On sale:
The artist: Niels Lomholt, Bromaj 3, DK-5985 Soeby, Denmark, +45-

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Niels Lomholt: INTERMISSIONS 65-75
23:00 min., 1998
All credits: