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Maibritt Rangstrup


Duration: 3:45 min.
Produced: 2000
Master format: Mini DV
Audio: No sound
Credits: Maibritt Rangstrup
Production: Maibritt Rangstrup
Dispaly format: Large monitor or projection

Text by artist: In this piece the focus is drawn to the line that traces the body’s contour in relation to it’s external environment. The line maps out the placement of the body, acting as a division between the fragility and vulnerability of the sensory body and the cold brutal harshness of it’s surround. As with a chalk-drawn sillouette remaining after the scene of a crime, the line of contact traced by the movement of the camera evokes and implies an unsettling sense of violence.

The artist: Maibritt Rangstrup

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63 sec. video clip / QuickTime:

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