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Maibritt Rangstrup


Duration: 3:48 min.
Produced: 2000
Master format: Mini DV
Credits: Maibritt Rangstrup
Production: Maibritt Rangstrup
Dispaly format: Projection

Text by artist:
In Immersion, the human is presented is isolation, devoid of any external social contact. the subject and her surroundings are presented in an equally static state, essentially rendering the body as just another object within a domestic setting. this, together with an almost silent, sowed-down observation of the subject, serves to bring out a state of mind through non-narrative means. the subject appears to be situated within an ambiguous circumstance, presented in isolation in a state of immobility and stillness. The allusion of a particular state of mind or emotional event is accentuated by use of close-up, serving to disconnect the subject from its context, indicationg a lost connection or escape from the outside world

The artist: Maibritt Rangstrup

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(1 min. video clip / Windows Media Player)

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