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Maibritt Rangstrup


Duration: 3:45 min.
Produced: 2001
Master format: Mini DV
Credits: Maibritt Rangstrup
Production: Maibritt Rangstrup
Dispaly format: Projection

Text by artist: In So Calm So Quiet  I have used slow-motion and the close-up as filmic devices to eroticize and manipulate the viewer’s perception of an event. Through my use of the close-up, the detail of the subject becomes heightened in its significance, while at the same severing it from it’s context.

 In this work, I present images and sequences that suggest a narrative that is ultimately never manifested. They often appear to be speaking of an unknown preceding or unfolding event, in which things are not always as they at first seem to be. In So Calm So Quiet  the subject appears motionless within a non-defined ambiguous circumstance; suggesting that perhaps she is resting during a peaceful moment while at the same time, through her immobility and isolation, implying the possibility of death.At first the camera seems to be making an observation of a landscape and a woman on a beach. Through the way the video has been shot and edited, this rapidly shifts from being simply a straightforward observation to something that seems to suggest something more sinister. The gaze of the camera places the audience in the uncomfortable and uncertain position of being in the mind’s eye of a predator while simultaneously being immersed within what is perhaps the subject’s projection of her own paranoia and fear.

The artist: Maibritt Rangstrup

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(1 min. video clip / Windows Media Player)

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