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Maibritt Rangstrup


Duration: One hour loop
Produced: 2002
Master format: Mini DV
Credits: Maibritt Rangstrup
Production: Maibritt Rangstrup
Dispaly format: Life-sized projection

Text by artist: We are looking into the living room of an elderly couple on an unremarkable ordinary day. Bleak winter light is passing through the curtains, reminding us of a world outside. In this video, the absence of an unfolding narrative, the slowness of the passing of time and the lack of activity mark the captured ongoing moment. The insertion of the viewer into the same time-space as the subjects creates an uncomfortable and frustratingly unabbreviated mirror of an ordinary reality. One is presented with an existential metaphor, forcing one into a confrontation with the passing of time.

The unrelenting rotation of the camera pays the same amount of attention to the people in the room as to the objects and to the room itself, rendering the entirety of the panorama as peripheral. Through the lack of activity, we are confronted with the moments where we just are, when we are confronted with ourselves and our own time. In the video, this extended moment is perpetually looped, with no indication given of a beginning, nor for that matter, an end.

The artist: Maibritt Rangstrup

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55 sec. video clip / QuickTime:

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