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Lars Vilhelmsen


Duration: 4:10 min.
Produced: 1997
Master Format: ?
All credits: Lars Vilhelmsen
Production: Depeche TV og Video Produktion

Text by the artist: Shows Danish "generalities" in idylic,cosy and secure recognizable pictures with red children's shoes, flagstaff, camping holidays, sunshine - pictures which in a fast rhythm is broken by black and white war pictures, cementaries, shootings from a music video. We might perhaps erroneously think that the cosiness and idyll and the safe recognition is identic with existence and quality of life and refuse the war pictures and other cultures because we are afraid to realize our own delusion. The last picture of a head with big black hollows of the eyes migth leave the open questionn - is it longing or emptiness?  - does it start here? - and does it take you to another place?


The artist: Lars Vilhelmsen,  ,

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