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Lars Vilhelmsen


Duration: 7:40 min.
Produced: 2003
Master Format: ?
All credits: Lars Vilhelmsen
Production: Depeche TV og Video Produktion

Text by the artist: Sea, hand, sand, writing. Tracks beingrubed out by the next wave. the eye, closing, as to remember or to escape the following sequences of an atomic explosion with fragments of words.
Dragging, heavy steps is the sound of a prolonged time sequence of unsettled pictures from a walk in long, neutralrums with distict absence of people and nearness. absence of tracks. what do you not want to see, what do you fear, what do you lose, longing for ..., fear for old age, loneliness ...
The rhythm of the editing and thepiece by piece dowwnstroke in cchronology gives you the feeling that you all the time find yourself in an interval. You don't get distend from the picture world you are leaving and the next you are moving into. the video illustrates the distance between the concrete physical reality and the part of us, dreaming and longing. May be.
mainstream of accellerating indifferences and speed-exceeding superfluities of aggressive pictures whic might raise questions to the superficial approach to the public by the mass media and the public's accept of this terror of pictures.

The artist: Lars Vilhelmsen,

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