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Cecilie Rosdahl


6:43 min.
Produced: 2003
Master Format: Betacam
Credits: Producer, director, script & stills: Cecilie Roadahl;  music: Kasper Soederlund;  Super-8: Lise Kapper; Super-8 transfer: Christian Moeller; editing, sound & subtitling: Daniel Benjamin Hansen; edit ass.: Laust illum Mendel; Still photo of little girl: Torben Madsen; speak: J. Charles
Production: Danish Film Institut/Workshop Haderslev

Starting with an old photography borrowed from the photographer Torben Madsen, this narrative unfolds about a little girl encircled by a metal ring. "You might think nothing's wrong..." that's the question this video asks.

The artist, , & the Danish Film Institute/Worrkshop Haderslev, Laurids Skausgade 12, DK-6100 Haderslev, Denmark, tel: +45-7452.8695, ,

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