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Birgit Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen


Duration: 4:15 min.
Produced: 1997
Credits: Voice: Ann-Marie Fallenius-Braun; edit: Lasse Hoile; sound edit: Peter Rasmussen; all other credits: Birgit Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen 
Production: Aarhus Filmvaerksted, Aarhus, Denmark,

Text by artists:
A far too laughing storyteller tells the classic, sugary story about the far too self-obsessed, vain rabbit, Miss Longears. The charming seductive delicious pictures, an ecstatic tempo and a sugary story is juxtaposed the grothesque geometric forms of the rabbit and the laughing storyteller. Through the juxtaposing the video plays with the feelings of the viewer and leave the viewer perplexed asking: "How to take anything serious?" or "What can be taken serious?"

The artists

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The artist: Birgit Johnsen
Strandbyvej 27, DK-8240 Risskov, Denmark
tel: +45-, fax: +45-
Hanne Nielsen
Kærvej 6, DK-8230 Aabyhoej, Denmark
tel: +45-

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